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The three Cs stand for. In fact there are at least 16 chocolate drinks on the Starbucks menu.

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Undoubtedly the most popular frappucino drink from Starbucks.

Starbucks secret menu the three cs. See more ideas about starbucks secret menu secret menu starbucks drinks. You can order special drinks from your local Starbucks that are not on their regular menu – a Secret Menu. These recipes have been tried and tested by coffee enthusiasts.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte with caramel syrup and chocolate mocha syrup. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frappuccino. Top with cinnamon dolce powder for sweet breakfast vibes.

Youll need to ask for a whole-milk steamer with caramel syrup two pumps for Tall three for Grande four for Venti Toffee Nut syrup two for Tall three for Grande four for Venti Cinnamon Dolce syrup two for Tall three for Grande. Cinnamon chocolate and caramel. To order a French Toast Frappuccino from the Starbucks secret menu ask for a grande cafe vanilla Frappuccino made with sweet cream.

Official Starbucks Secret Frappuccinos. Strawberry Acai Refresher Ice Strawberry Acai Base. Starbucks Secret Menu You asked for it so here it is.

Plus you can custom order any drink you want with chocolate sauce drizzle and toppings. Here are 19 secret menu Frappuccinos worth your time at Starbucks. And for good reason.

The Three Cs are a delicious combination. Start with a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. How tasty does that sound.

1Eggnog Chai Latte. Top with caramel drizzle for extra sweetness starbucks starbuckssecretmenu. Cinnamon chocolate and caramel.

If youre feeling adventurous try the Starbucks secret menu items we reveal. As you probably know Starbucks Frappuccinos are the sweetened iced-blended coffee drink lineup thats ever popular at the worlds biggest coffee chain. Cinnamon chocolate and caramel.

The mix of the flavors will blow you away. The complete top Starbucks secret menu Frappuccinos that are not on any menu. 3Add peppermint syrup 1 pump tall 2 pumps grande 3 pumps venti.

13 Starbucks Pumpkin Drinks Including Secret Menu Heres a list of all the drinks with strawberry including from the secret menu available at Starbucks. Vanilla Bean Creme Frap cinnamon dolce syrup. Add mocha syrup 12 pump tall 1 pump grande 15 pumps venti Add caramel syrup 12 pump tall 1 pump grande 15 pumps venti.

Heres a list of the 21 best chocolate Starbucks drinks on the regular and seasonal menus and top-ranked secret menu options beginning with the popular Caffe Mocha. In addition to the standard Cinnamon Dolce Latte it includes both caramel chocolate mocha syrup. Everyone seems to order this delightful item and for good reason too.

Start with a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Youll also need one pump of cinnamon dolce syrup and one pump of hazelnut syrup. 21 Starbucks Strawberry Drinks.

The mix of the flavors will blow you away. You got your Cinnamon you got your Chocolate and you got your Caramel all rolled into one delicious combination. The Starbuckss secret menu put its twist on this classic breakfast pastry so you can experience the joys of a warm cinnamon roll in the form of a frothy cold frap.

1White Mocha Frappuccino coffee or creme based 2Add Toffee Nut Syrup 2 pumps tall 3 grande 4 venti 3Add Java Chips. Add mocha syrup 12 pump tall 1 pump grande 15 pumps venti Add caramel syrup 12 pump tall 1 pump grande 15 pumps venti. Its basically a Cinnamon Dolce Latte along with a couple of pumps of chocolate syrup and then a single pump of caramel syrup.

Mar 22 2014 – Explore Starbucks Secret Menus board Lattes followed by 620 people on Pinterest. Yes you read that right. Add Mocha Syrup 12 pump tall 1 pump grande 15 pumps venti Add Caramel Syrup 12 pump tall 1 pump grande 15 pumps venti.

4Top with nutmeg sprinkles and whipped cream. Start with a Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Its fun to order off-menu but more importantly these spins on Starbucks.

T he Starbucks Three Cs Latte is one of Starbucks most popular secret menu items. Starbucks Secret Menu Update Slideshow This drink uses a whole-milk steamer and then goes crazy from there. From Cotton Candy Frappuccinos Liquid Cocaine and all the way to Butterbeer Lattes we have you covered with all of the knowledge recipes and know-how for you to start ordering off of the Starbucks Secret Menu.

Biscotti Frappuccino This off-the-menu item sounds a little like a Starbucks version of a DQ Blizzard or a McFlurry except you have to have to buy a package of biscotti cookies separately and. So if you are a cinnamon lover who wants to sweeten the pot go ahead and order the Three Cs Latte. And the award for best alliteration in a Starbucks drink name goes to the Three Cs.

If you want a more extensive list check out the non-official Starbucks Secret Menu website. The Three Cs are a delicious combination. Ordering a grande you would say Ill have a grande hot eggnog chai latte no water with 2 pumps of peppermint nutmeg sprinkles and whip.

Starbucks secret menu has legions of loyalists and its no surprise as to why. Kick it up a notch with secret menu The Three Cs a delightful blend of all your favorite Cs including cinnamon caramel and chocolate. Fast Food Menu Prices.

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