Fun (and free!) Holiday & Winter Phone Wallpapers

We’ve been so excited for this particular holiday-related post for months, so we couldn’t be happier that the moment is finally here because it’s pure, unadulterated holiday fun! Ever since we partnered with one of our very favorite artists and all around creative geniuses, the kind and oh-so-talented Rhian Awni to bring you our Fall phone wallpapers, we’ve been chomping at the bit to use more of her beautiful illustrations to create equally awesome, festive and again, totally free holiday and winter phone wallpapers for you guys to download, share and love all season long!

As we mentioned back in the Fall, we’d been dying to create really playful, festive and free phone wallpapers that would allow all of us to celebrate the seasons in style with all of you for quite some time, but had no idea if you guys would actually like what we created. So we took a chance, Rhian so kindly agreed to allow us to work with her beautiful illustrations (that we loved so much) and we sent our creations out into the universe when we shared them with you guys in hopes that they’d make at least a few of you smile. They were just so much fun to create, so that process alone would have been enough for us! And then you guys shared, and you downloaded and YOU SHARED AND YOU DOWNLOAD! And we were absolutely blown away by your love and excitement for what we created. Blown. Away. So here we are, ready for another round of fun, festive and free phone wallpapers that we hope you love just as much (or even more!) than what we created in the Fall.

Rhian’s stunning and absolutely adorable, vintage-inspired winter wonderland and holiday watercolor illustrations were actually the genesis of my love for her as an artist. I stumbled upon her holiday illustrations around this time last year when I was working on a Christmas project, and my heart burst with happiness! The color palette, the imagery, the joy that absolutely jumped off of the screen – everything about them made me smile. Her holiday illustrations perfectly capture the cheerful, merry, playful spirit of the season and that’s exactly what I wanted you guys to feel every time you see these lighting up your phone this season.

So what are you waiting for? Download, share with your friends and loved ones and fill your phone (and your life) with a little more cheer this holiday season!

And as a reminder, if you’re as in love with Rhian’s adorable illustrations as I am, you’ll be happy to know that you can commission her to create custom illustrations for you of all kinds, for any occasion, milestone or moment in your life. How amazing is that? Wedding invitations, Save the Dates, branding and logos, family portraits, illustrations of your home, pet portraits, book covers, and so much more. If you can dream it, she can illustrate it. She’s that good. If you’re reading this thinking, “Yes, please!” just email her at [email protected] and she’ll make your dreams come true! And if you’re not already, make sure you follow her on Instagram to see what she’s working on — the inspiration in her feed is endless!

If you’re on your iPhone, to download the wallpaper you love simply press, hold and save the image! If you’re on your desktop, just click the wallpaper you love and save the file to your computer when it pops up on the new screen. No fuss! And make sure you leave a comment below and tell us which one is your favorite so we can make more of the kind of designs you love next time — and because we’re dying to know if you’re a pom beanie, present, ornament, or Christmas tree kinda person. We need to know your holiday vibe! Happy wallpapering!***Be kind to the design community who so generously allows us to enjoy their creations and note that these designs are for personal use only and not available for any commercial purposes. All copyright of these images is retained by Rhian Awni.

  • Holiday-Christmas-Winter-Phone-Wallpaper-Background-Christmas-Trees.jpg


  • Holiday-Christmas-Winter-Phone-Wallpaper-Background-Ornaments-Pink.jpg


  • Holiday-Christmas-Winter-Phone-Wallpaper-Background-Presents.jpg
  • Holiday-Christmas-Winter-Phone-Wallpaper-Background-Hats.jpg
  • Holiday-Christmas-Winter-Phone-Wallpaper-Background-Ornaments-Red.jpg
  • Holiday-Christmas-Winter-Phone-Wallpaper-Background-Poinsettia.jpg


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